Stainless Steel Crescent Moon Glow Necklaces are here

I am excited to tell you I finally have a stainless steel crescent moon glow necklace! It is so beautiful! I will be doing all the glow colors and maybe some blended ones, and these are so lovely and feel wonderful. It will come on an 18 inch stainless steel chain with the uv light to charge when the sun is not out, and in one of my gift boxes.

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Stainless Steel Crescent Moon Glow Necklace by Monique Lula
Stainless Steel Crescent Moon Glow Necklace by Monique Lula

I did a live video of them, too!

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September Full Moon

The September Full Moon is upon us. My favorite time of year is when summer is coming to an end, and holiday planning begins. That means Halloween is coming and lots of fun in the dark! A funtastic glowie holiday. So time for a lil flash sale!

25% off all full moon glowie necklaces in my etsy shop

Here are some of my glowing full moon necklaces in a live video I did. The glow is actually much brighter in person than in the video! I am not quite pro at the video making but I will have to work on that. I like to use moonlight white glow when I make these moons but I also make them in all my colors. You can order the white moon that will glow in different colors, and I also have blue moons, blood red moons and variations of full moons with silhouettes like the wolf and raven. The glowing moon is such a perfect theme. Here is the video:

25% off all full moon glowie necklaces in my etsy shop:

About The Moody Moon Glow Jewelry Sale

You may have seen me doing live videos on Facebook of my newly designed moody mood bracelets, as I call them. They are memory wire bracelets which are so fun to wear and size is adjustable. I make them wrap around 2 times or more and use random beads from my collection of pretties. And glowies! Lots of glow in the dark beads on these. I try to use different colors to make them look awesome when they glow in the dark. I have about 20, maybe more or less we will see, and I have just started to take pics and make videos of them. I want to give everyone a chance to browse and look at them, and decide which ones they like most. Then when the sale is announced you will know the date and time, and everyone has a chance to get the bracelet they like. Each are unique, one of a kind. I try to show off all the little details. They are so much fun! Here is the first video I made, and be sure to scroll below it and get in on the sale info! 🙂

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I will be announcing the sale date closer to the end of the month. I the meantime, I bead on! Thank you so much everyone for your support, all your likes, loves and shares. All your tagging is so helpful. I am just a small operation and it has been all the happiness you guys bring me that keeps me going! I really appreciate it. <3