Birthstone Crystals and Rainbow Beaded Jewelry

One of my first items of jewelry in my lifetime was the pair of amethyst stud earrings I received when I got my ears pierced when I was five years old. I remember really wanting to get my ears pierced. My mother was somewhat against it but somehow relented and I was only allowed to wear little stud earrings which was fine with me. The amethyst was my birthstone and I loved the color purple so I was very happy. I don’t remember it hurting at all.

Another of my loves is the rainbow. I am a child of the 80s and adore the entire spectrum when I am creating art and making things. It is often that I go for the whole rainbow in a color scheme.

Rainbow Bar Necklace

So birthstones, and rainbows. Two new themes I will be focusing on in my future jewelry designs. I am always creating new glow in the dark jewelry but also will be making items that compliment my glow in the dark jewelry but do not glow. I have a collection of glass and crystal beads that calls me to create with, so I have started. Here is the first new pendant I added to the shop.

Birthstone Crystal Firefly Glow in the Dark Necklaces