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I am the creator of the original Glow Lockets ® as seen around the world. Most of my pieces such as the glow in the dark moons were the first of their kind and I am proud to have been part of the creation and popularity of glow jewelry on the internet. My work is worn around the world and I have sold my pieces for many years and finally began selling online where others are now able to find and see my collections. I have been a self sustaining artist for most of my life supporting both myself and my family with my art and consider my glow in the dark jewelry to be my life’s work.

I have been meaning to do an “about me” for the longest time! I started doing jewelry design and learned to sew in my teens, got into textile dyeing and printing in my twenties. Learned to manage web sites and sold items on ebay in my twenties also, and now I am in my mid thirties, married with a daughter, and pulling it all together!

I have lots more to write, but this is the beginning. I am originally from Southern California and now live in New Orleans, a beautiful place.

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