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Glow Art Painting by Monique Lula

Over the years I have made many glow in the dark pieces of jewelry and having taken art classes in college I decided to start painting a little more and incorporating my art in my jewelry such as my Witch Hat Kitty. This year I plan on taking it even further and doing more art and using my magic to make them glow in the dark!

Glow Art Full Moon Painting by Monique Lula

Glow Art Full Moon Painting by Monique Lula

The above full moon is professionally framed and solid wood with fully sealed full moon that glows like white moonlight and also has hand placed galaxy stars. All made by hand and features mounting hardware so its ready to be hung or mounted on the wall.

My desire is to create magical pieces of art for you to display in your home or bedroom to turn normal everyday living spaces into fantasy!

Love you to the moon and back

A timeless phrase told by so many people to their loved ones, even I tell my daughter this all the time! Here are some glow in the dark jewelry that I make using the phrase “Love you to the moon and back.” All my jewelry is handmade in the USA, in California by me in my smoke free studio. All orders ship with tracking and delivery confirmation via the USPS.

Love you to the moon and back glowing necklace handmade by Monique Lula

Love you to the moon and back glowing necklace handmade by Monique Lula

In my store you will find quite a few items tagged for this quote, so let me link a few here for you to find.

1. Gift Set Love you to the moon and back quote glow necklace comes in gift box, includes uv charging light, and instructions too!~

2. Love you to the moon and back Crescent Moon necklace with glowing orb looks stunning on a moonlit evening!

3. Love you to the moon and back glow bracelet, these look so awesome with crescent moon and charms.

4. Yellow Stars Love you to the moon glow glass galaxy bracelet is handmade with artisan glass that glows in the dark and wraps around your wrist like a galaxy of glowing stars in the night sky.

5. Love Spell Heart Love you to the moon and back glow bracelet has a cute heart with etched hearts and glow with charms.

6. Check out my store to browse more Love you to the moon and back glow jewelry

Wolf Glow Jewelry

being inspired by the moon has led me into various streams of creativity regarding the power of moonlight, so it is only natural that I began designing my Howling Wolf Full Moon Glow necklaces. For example here is my Night Wolf, using my own original artwork designed, created, and made in my California studio.

Howling Wolf Glow Jewelry necklace by Monique Lula

Howling Wolf Glow Jewelry necklace by Monique Lula

I try to keep my items unique and use my own original art in my glow jewelry this allows you to wear my glowing art around your neck on full moon nights! Including some Tolkien inspired quote necklaces, “Not all those who wander are lost” with howling wolf.
If you like red, I even have Blood Moons with Wolf or without so you can decide when you add to cart.

There are Howling Wolf Galaxy Glow Bracelets that eve have a glowing paw that glows in the dark after being exposed to sunlight when worn outdoors.

One of the first pieces I designed in this line of jewelry was the Howling Wolf Full Moon. I began creating my glowing jewelry before anyone else and originated all these techniques and methods in my studio.
You can even add a Howling Wolf charm to any necklace or bracelet in my tore to create your own personalized wolf glow necklace.

You may even find the Fenrir Wolf with Glowing Orb necklace in stock too!~

Glow In The Dark Rings

My store was the first online store to sell Glowing Jewelry handmade by Monique Lula the original Glow Lockets ® creator and over the past decade I have expanded my online jewelry to include rings that glow in the dark, all made in my California jewelry studio using high quality American components. My rings are made as if I were to wear them myself because I often do, so I want them to fit well and be comfortable and sturdy.

Sterling Silver Glow Rings handmade in California by Monique Lula

Sterling Silver Glow Rings handmade in California by Monique Lula

My two flower glow rings are made with sterling silver and glow in the dark.

My Glowing Rose Rings also make great gifts for anyone who likes roses! Oh and I didn’t leave the guys out, I have Skull Rings with Glowing Eyes, made with real genuine sterling silver. Also have red glow eyes on some.

Looking for something you’ve never seen before, my Baby Dragon Glow Rings look so awesome in person, they glow ultra violet purple!

Purple Opal Glow Stone Ring handmade by Monique Lula

Purple Opal Glow Stone Ring handmade by Monique Lula

My Purple Opal Droplet Glow Stone rings are one of my favorites to create and wear. High quality handmade and adjustable to fit any size.

Moon lovers will love my Full Moon Glow Rings made on Victorian vintage style setting with 1″ glow in the dark moon, glows intensely bright after being worn in sunlight for a few moments.

While many rings in my store are adjustable I do make sized sterling silver rings too, here is a crescent moon ring that glows. And for those who like the store of Alice in Wonderland, I have Glowing Tea Cup Rings too!~

There are more rings in my store click here to browse them all. I even have Rainbow Crystal Rings made with genuine Swarovski crystals.

Monday is Moon Day

Most people may not think about these things anymore, but the name of Monday is derived from Old English Mōnandæg and Middle English Monenday, which means “moon day”. And anything to do with moons makes me happy. I have always enjoyed basking in moonlight making my Glowies, spending time with my daughter and loved ones looking up at the moon and look forward to Full Moon Nights like holidays!

Crescent Moon Glow Necklace gift set by Monique Lula

Crescent Moon Glow Necklace gift set by Monique Lula

This crescent moon glowing orb necklace gift set is available in my Glowies Store.

As a jewelry designer it is only natural that I have been inspired to create Glow Moon Jewelry and spend countless hours in my California studio beneath the stars working on my Glowies ™ including some of my Moon and Stars Glow Jewelry.

Way in the sky deep in space among the gleaming stars and galaxy is where I like to create my jewelry. Sometimes late at night you may even find a Rainbow Moon Fairy lurking in my Glow Studio.

According to wikipedia, “The English noun Monday derived sometime before 1200 from monedæi, which itself developed from Old English (around 1000) mōnandæg and mōndæg (literally meaning “moon’s day”), which has cognates in other Germanic languages, including Old Frisian mōnadeig, Middle Low German and Middle Dutch mānendag, mānendach (modern Dutch Maandag), Old High German mānetag (modern German Montag), and Old Norse mánadagr (Swedish and Norwegian nynorsk måndag, Icelandic mánudagur. Danish and Norwegian bokmål mandag). The Germanic term is a Germanic interpretation of Latin lunae dies (“day of the moon”).”

Glow Moon Jewelry

One of the first necklaces I designed was the glowing full moon necklace, I was the first to create this type of design and sell my work online. My glowing moon necklaces are 1″ round settings and feature beautiful glow in the dark moons handmade in my California jewelry studio, the original glow studio that started the entire trend. If you browse my store you will find many items tagged for Moon.

Glow Moon Necklace  handmade by Monique Lula in California

Glow Moon Necklace handmade by Monique Lula in California

For those that wish to add some color to their life, I also make the only glowing rainbow moon necklaces too!~ And I make my glow in the dark moon jewelry in Blue Moon that looks great on a moonlit night with friends and family.

There are even Blood Moons in red glow if you want something a bit more edgy and spooky. In addition to my full moon glow jewelry, I have Crescent Moon necklaces such as my Love You To The Moon and Back Gift Set ready to give your loved one, includes uv charging light, instructions and more. My Crescent Moon Glow Necklaces feature magical and enchanting orb that glows in the dark as you go from sunlight to darkness.

Like wolves? I make Howling Wolf Full Moon glow necklaces too!~ “Monique Lula was the original Glowing Moon Jewelry designer and professionally makes all items in her California Studio.” There are orange glow moons for Harvest Moon as well. You can find glow moon rings so you can wear the moonlight on your hand and it looks awesome as you walk and move the glow leaves effects in the air!

Just added more Black Raven Full Moon Glow Necklaces. Be sure to browse my galaxy glow bracelets there are many with moon charms.