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Mother’s Day Glow Jewelry Gift Ideas

With mother’s Day getting closer it’s time to start thinking about that wonderful gift you want to buy her!

Glowing Mother's Day Heart Necklace handmade by Monique Lula

Glowing Mother’s Day Heart Necklace handmade by Monique Lula

Above: Frozen Glowing Heart with mom charm added

As a Mother myself I know how special this time of year can be and choosing the perfect gift can be tricky, so I put together these links in the Glowies Store to help guide you to my glowing jewelry specifically made for “Mothers Day.”

You can browse all “mom” items that are tagged for Mother’s Day. Best part is you can add this mom charm to any necklace in my store to create your own personalized gifts for mom!

Genuine Swarovski Crystal Jewelry at

As a jewelry designer I enjoy working with all kinds of materials, components, and parts it keeps everything I create fun and exciting. Over the years I have amassed a huge collection of genuine Swarovski crystals. I just love crystals, I was born in February so as a kid I became fascinated with my birthstone, Amethyst crystal and wear this crystal ring almost ever day.

Rainbow Swarovski Crystal Ring handmade by Monique Lula

Rainbow Swarovski Crystal Ring handmade by Monique Lula

Above is a Genuine Swarovski Rainbow Crystal Ring handmade by me in my California Jewelry studio.

I have recently began including more and more crystal jewelry in my store and even added a Crystal Collection wanted to make a quick blog entry about it!

Check out my Aurora Borealis Crystal ring and necklace with glow star.

Volcano Crystal is one of my favorites and looks stunning.

Glow Rose Necklaces & Earrings

Long ago I was inspired by magical stories of glowing roses and fairy tales so I wanted to make a quick blog post since #MothersDay is coming. I put together some one of a kind boutique glow rose gift sets and if you are looking for something unique and magical to give your loved one, take a look.

Glow Rose Necklace and Earring sets

Glow Rose Necklace and Earring sets

Each Glow Rose Gift set contains a unique set of earrings and necklace with gift box, instructions, and uv glow charging light.

I also have a boutique quality “Rose Goddess” necklace that is made by hand, each rose petal is made by me, all beads hand wire wrapped by me .

I also have new white frosted tip rose necklaces without earrings too.
You can also browse more rose related jewelry in thank you so much!

Glow Lockets for Pictures or Photos

I get asked about my Glow Lockets ® and if I make any that hold pictures inside, and the answer is yes! I have specific glowing lockets in my Jewelry store that hold 1″ round pictures. Below I have featured some of my glow picture lockets.

Tree of Life Glow Locket ® for Pictures

Tree of Life Glow Locket ® for Pictures

This particular style of Tree of Life Glow Locket ® is made for 1″ pictures, you simply cut them to shape and slip them inside, can hold two pictures one on each side of the locket. As you can see in the photo the locket opens and closes, and you put your precious photos inside. I make the Tree of Life in solid glow colors and even sunset. For outer space themes I have the Galaxy Tree of Life glowing locket and even a pretty rainbow swirl.

If you like fairies, I have my Moon Fairy Glow Lockets ® that hold family photos too, and it is available in rainbow or galaxy glow in the dark.

I also have mermaid galaxy lockets ® that is like a mermaid under the stars night sky, but I also have the same mermaid I make in blue as if she is underwater at the bottom of the sea, each can hold two photos.

In my glowies store you can also find Dragon Lockets in Galaxy glow, some in rainbow and even my other glow colors too!~

If you are looking for a gift for a cat lover, I have special lockets that glow and you can put two cat pictures inside too!~ Has a little silver cat sitting on moon on the outside of the glowing locket.

And if you need a little luck through the day I even make Lucky Shamrock 4 Leaf Clover Glow Lockets ® my shop has free shipping and you can even add a gift box.

Each of the necklaces linked above can hold pictures to personalize your item to hold precious memories of those you love, thanks for considering my line of jewelry for such meaningful moments. – Monique Lula

Glow In The Dark Rings

My store was the first online store to sell Glowing Jewelry handmade by Monique Lula the original Glow Lockets ® creator and over the past decade I have expanded my online jewelry to include rings that glow in the dark, all made in my California jewelry studio using high quality American components. My rings are made as if I were to wear them myself because I often do, so I want them to fit well and be comfortable and sturdy.

Sterling Silver Glow Rings handmade in California by Monique Lula

Sterling Silver Glow Rings handmade in California by Monique Lula

My two flower glow rings are made with sterling silver and glow in the dark.

My Glowing Rose Rings also make great gifts for anyone who likes roses! Oh and I didn’t leave the guys out, I have Skull Rings with Glowing Eyes, made with real genuine sterling silver. Also have red glow eyes on some.

Looking for something you’ve never seen before, my Baby Dragon Glow Rings look so awesome in person, they glow ultra violet purple!

Purple Opal Glow Stone Ring handmade by Monique Lula

Purple Opal Glow Stone Ring handmade by Monique Lula

My Purple Opal Droplet Glow Stone rings are one of my favorites to create and wear. High quality handmade and adjustable to fit any size.

Moon lovers will love my Full Moon Glow Rings made on Victorian vintage style setting with 1″ glow in the dark moon, glows intensely bright after being worn in sunlight for a few moments.

While many rings in my store are adjustable I do make sized sterling silver rings too, here is a crescent moon ring that glows. And for those who like the store of Alice in Wonderland, I have Glowing Tea Cup Rings too!~

There are more rings in my store click here to browse them all. I even have Rainbow Crystal Rings made with genuine Swarovski crystals.

Glowing Bookmarks

Do you like to read? At night after things are quiet and I am done making necklaces for the day, I enjoy cuddling up with a good book like many of you. Fantasy novels have always inspired me to create stunning and magical glow in the dark jewelry that catches your eye and makes you feel like you are the princess or queen of the story! I love reading, and read to my daughter every night. One of the things I have in my glowies store is my Victorian style Glowing Bookmarks, these make wonderful glow gifts for anyone who likes to read!

Here is one of my glowing dragonfly in the starlight garden with glow in the dark star charms with leaves dangling!

Glow in the dark Dragonfly with Stars

Glow in the dark Dragonfly with Stars

My glowing dragonfly with glow stars bookmark is Inspired by ancient magical inscriptions found only of recent, mark the pages in your latest novel with one of my Victorian glowing dragonfly with stars and leaves bookmark. You can let the glowing dragonfly hang outside of your novel and if you leave it under a lamp or near a window will glow in the dark while you sleep. Turn out the light after reading and the little dragonfly will be glowing while you rest your eyes.

Delicately and professionally handmade by Monique Lula in my smoke free jewelry studio in California, USA! The little glowies store that started the whole trend!