Love you to the moon and back

A timeless phrase told by so many people to their loved ones, even I tell my daughter this all the time! Here are some glow in the dark jewelry that I make using the phrase “Love you to the moon and back.” All my jewelry is handmade in the USA, in California by me in my smoke free studio. All orders ship with tracking and delivery confirmation via the USPS.

Love you to the moon and back glowing necklace handmade by Monique Lula

Love you to the moon and back glowing necklace handmade by Monique Lula

In my store you will find quite a few items tagged for this quote, so let me link a few here for you to find.

1. Gift Set Love you to the moon and back quote glow necklace comes in gift box, includes uv charging light, and instructions too!~

2. Love you to the moon and back Crescent Moon necklace with glowing orb looks stunning on a moonlit evening!

3. Love you to the moon and back glow bracelet, these look so awesome with crescent moon and charms.

4. Yellow Stars Love you to the moon glow glass galaxy bracelet is handmade with artisan glass that glows in the dark and wraps around your wrist like a galaxy of glowing stars in the night sky.

5. Love Spell Heart Love you to the moon and back glow bracelet has a cute heart with etched hearts and glow with charms.

6. Check out my store to browse more Love you to the moon and back glow jewelry

Glow Lockets for Pictures or Photos

I get asked about my Glow Lockets ® and if I make any that hold pictures inside, and the answer is yes! I have specific glowing lockets in my Jewelry store that hold 1″ round pictures. Below I have featured some of my glow picture lockets.

Tree of Life Glow Locket ® for Pictures

Tree of Life Glow Locket ® for Pictures

This particular style of Tree of Life Glow Locket ® is made for 1″ pictures, you simply cut them to shape and slip them inside, can hold two pictures one on each side of the locket. As you can see in the photo the locket opens and closes, and you put your precious photos inside. I make the Tree of Life in solid glow colors and even sunset. For outer space themes I have the Galaxy Tree of Life glowing locket and even a pretty rainbow swirl.

If you like fairies, I have my Moon Fairy Glow Lockets ® that hold family photos too, and it is available in rainbow or galaxy glow in the dark.

I also have mermaid galaxy lockets ® that is like a mermaid under the stars night sky, but I also have the same mermaid I make in blue as if she is underwater at the bottom of the sea, each can hold two photos.

In my glowies store you can also find Dragon Lockets in Galaxy glow, some in rainbow and even my other glow colors too!~

If you are looking for a gift for a cat lover, I have special lockets that glow and you can put two cat pictures inside too!~ Has a little silver cat sitting on moon on the outside of the glowing locket.

And if you need a little luck through the day I even make Lucky Shamrock 4 Leaf Clover Glow Lockets ® my shop has free shipping and you can even add a gift box.

Each of the necklaces linked above can hold pictures to personalize your item to hold precious memories of those you love, thanks for considering my line of jewelry for such meaningful moments. – Monique Lula

Not Every Girl Wants Hearts For Valentine’s Day

Be warned, some girls don’t like all the red heart stuff that goes with #ValentinesDay that’s for sure. I have special glow in the dark jewelry gift sets for you looking for something unique to give your loved one on that special day of the year, Valentine’s Day. Maybe she doesn’t like red, or it’s that she really likes purple.

Handmade glow in the dark sword necklace by Monique Lula

Handmade glow in the dark sword necklace by Monique Lula

Glowing sword necklaces in stock in my Glowies store

Jump on over to my Glowies Blog to see more gift set lists

Valentine’s Day Gift Glow Jewelry

If you are looking for something special as a gift to your loved ones, previously I blogged about Valentine Gift Ideas and since that entry I have added more Valentine related glow in the dark jewelry to my store. Here are some seasonal glow jewelry that can be personalized with charms to create the perfect Valentine gifts for you.

Valentine's Day glow jewelry handmade by Monique Lula

Will you be mine? Valentine’s Day glow jewelry handmade by Monique Lula

This year I created a “Will you be mine?” Valentine’s Day glow in the dark necklace with little red hearts around the timeless quote said to so many on Valentine’s Day around the world.

Starting with one of the most popular items a Heart of Winter gift set in any of my glow colors has nine crystals and comes in gift box with uv charging light.

With the moon being such an inspiration in my work how could I leave out the crescent moon with “I love you to the moon and back” glowing orb gift set makes a celestial gift out of this world.

Speaking of that phrase, I also have round version of that but I added “and with all the stars” to the “Love you to the moon and back and with all the stars” glow necklace gift set.

If she likes hearts, how about a Love Spell Gift Set in your glow color choice as a gift? I also have Frozen Glowing Hearts in aqua, blue, green, pink, red, purple, etc,… just choose when you add to cart.

If you really want to make her Valentine’s Day fantasy-like take a look at my handmade Red Heart Glow Box that she can put her necklace in on her dresser these are so magical, every girl should have one!

Last but not least if you are planning to propose, I have a special glowie for you! “Will you Marry Me?” is my new proposal glow necklace perfect for that special moment when you pop the question. I know it can be difficult to decide What to get her for Valentine’s Day? but it is possible with my glow in the dark items. I even have a special page for gifts for girls who like purple if she doesn’t like red! hehehe 😉

Harry Potter Glow Jewelry Gifts

Like many of you I love Harry Potter! I started reading the books many years ago and simply adore the films. If you are looking for some magical Harry Potter glow jewelry gift ideas take a look at some of my unique and enchanting glowing necklaces and more.

Me wearing my solemnly swear t-shirt with glowing Lumos necklace.

Me wearing my solemnly swear t-shirt with glowing Lumos necklace.

I make quite a few Harry Potter related glow in the dark items here are a few:

Lumos glowing necklace captures the magic of an enchanted spell glowing around your neck.

Patronus is another spell and here is the glowing necklace I made inspired by it.

Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good is another original design of mine using the deathly hallows symbol and the quote “I Solemnly Swear I am Up To No Good.”

I also make the basic Deathly Hallows charm symbol necklace too.

Time Turner necklaces are super fun to wear.

Maybe you need a glowing magic wand too?

Glow in the Dark Fairy Garden

I always take any moment I can find to be creative. I can’t really stop myself! So with hours in the studio making Glowies, sometimes I end up with special pieces of glow in the dark art, like my Fairy Garden piece. This took several days and lots of things to create! And I had so much fun. I had a vision of glowing flowers, twinkly stars and some curvy vines. Add in a little tiny glowing crescent moon (hard to see in the glowie sky in the pic), and of course a flower fairy. This is a mixed media piece and measures about 4 inches across. I will get more pics soon! I have made a few pieces that take a little time to photograph, super sparkly! Do you like the glowing fairy garden?

Glow in the Dark Fairy Garden by Monique Lula

Glow in the Dark Fairy Garden by Monique Lula

If you love Fairies and Glow in the Dark, check out my line of jewelry “Glow Fairy” in my shop at Glowies! Click Here for Glowing Fairy Jewelry