About The Moody Moon Glow Jewelry Sale

You may have seen me doing live videos on Facebook of my newly designed moody mood bracelets, as I call them. They are memory wire bracelets which are so fun to wear and size is adjustable. I make them wrap around 2 times or more and use random beads from my collection of pretties. And glowies! Lots of glow in the dark beads on these. I try to use different colors to make them look awesome when they glow in the dark. I have about 20, maybe more or less we will see, and I have just started to take pics and make videos of them. I want to give everyone a chance to browse and look at them, and decide which ones they like most. Then when the sale is announced you will know the date and time, and everyone has a chance to get the bracelet they like. Each are unique, one of a kind. I try to show off all the little details. They are so much fun! Here is the first video I made, and be sure to scroll below it and get in on the sale info! 🙂

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I will be announcing the sale date closer to the end of the month. I the meantime, I bead on! Thank you so much everyone for your support, all your likes, loves and shares. All your tagging is so helpful. I am just a small operation and it has been all the happiness you guys bring me that keeps me going! I really appreciate it. <3